No matter what background you come from.
No matter what your theological stance may be. 
No matter what side of the political fence you find yourself on.
There is one thing we can all agree on…the world is broken.

Something is wrong. 

Families are drowning in debt. Marriages are ending in divorce. We work all day around people. We have 100's of friends on social media and we send 100's of text every day, yet we feel all alone.

Something is know it and I know it.

So, the question I have is...what's the answer? What could fix the problem?

Years ago, while sitting on His thrown, God looked down from heaven and saw the same types of things we see today. People were broken, hurting, and lost. But instead of sitting by and watching everything keep getting worse. God decided to do something very profound. 

What God did is found in the book of John - chapter 3 - verse 16:
 "For God so LOVED the world that He GAVE His only Son that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life."

God saw a world full of people that were hurting and lost so He decided to do two things that had the power to change everything...He LOVED and GAVE. 

God LOVED the world and GAVE it His Son. 

When Jesus came to the earth He saw the same thing His Father had seen, but He saw it up close and personal. Jesus walked with the hurting, He ate with the confused, and He lived alongside the lost. Instead of sitting by and complaining about everything that was bad in his world, Jesus decided to do what His father had done. Jesus decided to LOVE and GIVE. He loved people enough to give His body as a ransom on the cross - so that the broken could be made whole, the sick could be healed, and the lost could be found.

And you know what…it worked.  

Because of Jesus LOVING and GIVING…billions of lives and eternities have been forever changed.

Now the truth of the matter is, Jesus has long since went back up to heaven and the world we live in is still very far from God. 

But...what if?  

What if someone did something?  
What if someone did what God and Jesus have done?  
What if someone LOVED and GAVE?
And what if that you and I?

You see, God loves the world enough that He sent His Son to the planet...
What if He loves your family enough that He put you in it?
What if He loves your co-worker and that's why He gave you the seat right next to them?
What if He loves your town so much that He had you buy the house on your street in your neighborhood, not so much for you but for the people around you?
What if like Jesus; God loves the hurting people around you so much…that He is giving
And what if you and I would be like Jesus and be willing to LOVE and GIVE ourselves to the people around us?

Jesus once instructed us to "Love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love our neighbor as ourself". What if…we actually did that? What if there was a group of people that actually loved God and loved people? How different would our world be….if you and I loved and gave?

Love our friend enough to give them our time.
Love our children enough to give them our patience.
Love our spouse enough to give them our best.
Love our enemy enough to give them our forgiveness.

How different would our world look? How different would our city be? 

What would change if you and I simply LOVED and GAVE?

This is what we are about here at TheCHURCH at Visalia. We know the world around us is messed up. We know that we are messed up! However, we simply want to do for others what Jesus has done for us…LOVE AND GIVE.  

Love and Give…is why we did a Movie Night on the Lawn. 
Love and Give…is why we gather every Sunday Morning at 11am. 
Love and Give…is why we are starting a youth service for teenagers.
Love and Give…is why we are doing a woman's bible study on Tuesday Nights. 

LOVE and GIVE - that is what we are all about. We LOVE people and GIVE them Jesus. We are completely sold out to this idea. We will give our Time, our Talent, and our Treasure to making the world, even if it's just for one person, a better place!

We would love to have you join us on this journey!


In Him. 
Kevin Moore