The mission of TheCHURCH at Visalia is to "Bring people to Jesus and help them live like Him".  For us that mission is not just for is also for kids. Each week we "Bring Children to Jesus and help them live like Him" by providing safe environments where kids can have fun and learn about Jesus at age appropriate levels.

Over the past few months our team of Kid's Leaders have played games, hosted activities, sang songs, and crafted amazing teaching videos to help the children of Tulare County understand who Jesus is and what he has done for them.

Each week we write, shoot, and edit our own teaching videos to help bring a biblical principle or story to life. This past Sunday we were in a series on the family and we wanted to show the kids that God is a loving Father. To help us do that we put the story of the prodigal son to music and turned it into a short video. The kids not only loved the lesson they walked away knowing that God loves them and will forgive them when they make mistakes.

If you would like your children to have a great time all the while learning some incredible lessons about Jesus...we would love to have you join us this Sunday Morning at either our 9am or 11am Service at the Visalia Convention Center.

Here is Video of The Prodigal Son: