TheCHURCH at Visalia is about two things: Jesus and People. We want to connect as many people as we possibly can with Jesus. To help them understand the hope, love, forgiveness and life that can only be found in Him.  

Even though we don't have weekly services or small group gatherings right now (more info on launch dates coming soon), there are three ways that we can connect with you and you can begin to connect with us, in hopes that together we will both begin to draw closer to Jesus.

1. Online Video Venue

Because we don't have a weekly gathering place right now, we decided to use the power of Social Media and begin to meet online. Next week we will launch what we call TheChURCH at Visalia Video Venue. Each week we will post a 10 minute video where we take the principles that are found in scriptures and help you begin to walk them out in your every day life.

Our first teaching series is titled...THE BIG FOUR.

I wanted to do this series because, I have found that life is like a giant recipe. If we get the ingredients right - everything is good.  But if we get some of the ingredients wrong - things get jacked up. In our lives there are four main ingredients that really set the tone for everything else around us. Those ingredients are: Faith, Family, Finances, and Friends. In this video series we are going to dive into these topics and give you some quick tips on the big four ingredients of your life.

Week one:     FAITH   "The bible is believable".

Week two:      FAMILY  "Three things your kids need from you".

Week three:   FINANCES  "Fish with more poles and you'll catch more cash".

Week four:     FRIENDS   "Who you hang with is who you will become".

I can't wait to to start sharing the truths of the scripture with you each week. The links to these videos will be posted on our website, facebook, and twitter pages. As you watch these videos feel free to copy the link and share them with all your friends.

2. Monthly Gatherings 

A great way to actually connect in person is at our monthly gatherings. Each month we get together to worship Jesus, talk about Jesus, and build community. Our next gathering is June 23rd at my house. We will have some music playing, games in the lawn, and a huge nacho bar.  There's plenty of room for you and all your friends and we would absolutely love for you to join us. Just RSVP to and we will get you all the information.

3. Coffee 

My wife Veronica is a major coffee fan. I on the other hand am not. However, we both love to meet new people and hang out. So, if you have some questions about faith, TheCHURCH, or want to just to get to know us a little better - we would love to meet up with you and a few of your friends sometime. Just send an email to and we will get back with you to set it up.

Myself and our entire team really look forward to connecting with you!

May HIS best be yours,