Six Friendship Repellents

Here are six people that will act as a friendship repellent in your life. If you want to have good friends...don't be any of the following people.

Ms. Manipulator
First on the list of friendship repellents is Ms. Manipulator. On the outside, this person is very friendly, very complimentary, and seems to be a real team player. But on the inside, she has her own agenda. Always shifting, always working on angles, always playing one person against the other—she’s always working to get what she wants.

Ms. Manipulator plays the game by her rules, but in the end she’s the one getting played, because she will be all alone.

Captain Complainer
Second up on the list of friendship repellents is Mr. Complainer. This guy is constantly complaining. He always says things like this: “I don’t have enough money.” “My clothes are not as nice as yours.” “I wish I lived in your neighborhood; mine stinks.” “My girlfriend is so ugly, but she was the only one who would go out with me.”

Here’s the deal about this guy.

First, nobody wants to be around a Billy Bummer. No one wants to be around someone who’s always complaining, always down, always bummed about something. People want to have fun, and this guy is not fun.

Second, people get turned off by Captain Complainer because, after a while, they catch on to his game. They start to realize he is always saying how bad things are for him so that others will have to tell him that he is wrong, that things are really good for him. He has a lot of money, his clothes are really nice, his neighborhood is pretty sweet, and his girlfriend is extremely hot. People want to hang out with other people who are confident in who they are. Because this guy has to keep being propped up, eventually people just get tired and leave Captain Complainer to sail the seas of life all alone.

Ms. Do-You-Know-How-Much-This-Cost?
The next friendship repellent is the person who cannot go through a conversation without dropping how much she spent on something or other. She’s Ms. Do-You-Know-How-Much-This-Cost? You know the type. You walk into her living room and comment on how nice her TV is, and she says, “Thanks. We got a great deal on it. It was only five thousand dollars.” Or she walks up to you at school, and you make a passing comment about her shoes, and she takes ten minutes to point out when and where she bought them and exactly how much they cost.

The thing that Ms. Do-You-Know-How-Much-This-Cost? fails to realize is that no one cares!  No one cares that her sunglasses were $50. No one cares that her shirt was a steal at $25 or their registered pooch cost $500. Nobody cares, except for her.

She mistakenly thinks that everyone loves money and that if she lets people know how much money she has, then they will want to hang out with her. But after a while, “Ms. Do-You-Know-How-Much-This-Cost?” starts to smell like Sex Panther and begins to repel the very people she wants to get close to.

Mr. Mean
The fourth friendship repellent is Mr. Mean. Because this one’s so good at putting down others, pointing out flaws, and using other people’s huge mistakes as ways to get laughs, Mr. Mean is usually a very funny person with a lot of friends, at least for a while.

But after continually being the target of all his jokes, one by one people start to walk away from Mr. Mean and begin to hang out with someone who is actually funny and not just cruel.

Ms. Gossip
You’ve met this one, and her behavior doesn’t welcome true friendship. Think of it this way.

Let’s say you discover that have an extra $50. You’re amped up and can’t wait to spend the cash, so you drop a text to your best friend telling her to meet you at the mall in thirty minutes. When you get to the mall, you show your friend the money and start walking to your favorite store. As you’re walking, your friend asks to see your cash again, you pull it out of your pocket, and as you show her your money, to your shock your friend grabs the cash and runs off with it.

That’s the type of person who is not going to have many friends. Right? Well, Ms. Gossip is that friend. She’s the type of person who takes something that does not belong to her (private information)and runs off with it, sharing it with everyone she knows.

People don’t like thieves, and that is exactly what Ms. Gossip is.

Mr. Super Spiritual 
The sixth friendship repellent is Mr. Super Spiritual. Have you ever known someone who was better than you at everything, and they let you know it? Did you like him? I didn’t think so.

Mr. Super Spiritual is extremely close to God, and he’s not afraid to let you know it. While he’s been reading the Bible, memorizing Scriptures and going on mission’s trips, though, he has somehow forgotten all about a pretty important phrase in the Bible: “Do to others as you would have them do to you” (Luke 6:31). Because of his holier-than-thou attitude, it won’t take long before not even God wants to be close to this guy.

Friends...we all need them.  The best way to have a friend is to be a friend.  Be authentic. Be a giver.  Be patient.  Be slow to speak and quick to listen and you will not repel people, you will attract them to you.