"Will you go with me?"

This is a question we ask our friends all the time.
It is not uncommon or difficult for us to ask ...
Will you go with me to the game?
Will you go with me on a date?
Will you go with me to the gym?
Will you go with me to to dinner?

Will you go with me?

These five words flow very easily off the tip of our tongue with almost everything in life...except church. Let's be honest it can be very difficult and awkward to ask someone we know to church. I totally understand that - but why?  Why is it so easy for us to ask a
friend to dinner; but so hard to ask that same friend to church?


I think the first reason we don't ask people to church is because of fear. 
If they say no...that would be awkward. But if they say yes...well that's almost just as bad. If our friend decides to come to church with we pick them up from their house or do we just meet them at the Church?  Do we have to take them out to eat afterword?  If so, who is picking up the tab? If our friend says no that stinks, but if they say yes...well that opens up a whole new situation that we have to think through. Sometimes it's easier to just...not ask at all.


Another reason we don't ask people to church is because we have a wrong view of what church is and who it is for? If we have been attending church with our friends and family for a while, it can become very easy for us to think that church is for "me". It's my
Pastor, my family, my friends and my church.

But the truth of the matter is church is not just for you or is for EVERYONE.  Romans 10:13 says "Everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."
I looked it up in the greek and that word everyone simply means...EVERYONE.

Your neighbor. Your friend. Your Aunt and Uncle that have been hurt in the past. Your nephew that everyone has given up on. Or your child that has walked away from God.  The scriptures say that EVERYONE is eligible for God's love. Because of this everyone is welcome to attend TheCHURCH and have an opportunity to hear and experience His
love first hand.


This Sunday Night (August 18th) we are hosting an event that EVERYONE is welcome to attend. It is called Summer Night's. We will have a Live Band, illustrated message, giant Ice-Cream Bar, as well as a special service just for the kids, with music, a short lesson, games and prizes.

This is going to be an incredibly fun night that you and your friends will absolutely love. So, why not make plans to attend and ask them to come with you? They will have a great time and who knows, these five simple words "Will you go with me?" might just change their life...forever.

So, why not ask?

Here is a video we are using to spread the word of the event. Feel free to use this or any of the promotional materials on our Facebook page to help invite people!