letter to TheCHURCH I love. 


One of my favorite sections in all the Bible is Luke 16. In these passages Jesus teaches us that when we are faithful with the small things, God will begin to trust us with more. Two years ago all we had, was a dream and a desire. We had a desire to bring as many people to Jesus as we could as well as this crazy dream of being a part of a church that would simply focus on worshiping Jesus, preaching Jesus and, building community. 

When we first started TheCHURCH, we didn't have any money, but we did have my house. So, we started gathering out of our home and to our amazement, people showed up! After a few gatherings at our home, we had the opportunity to meet at the Visalia Convention Center. We did the best we could with what we had and started an 11am Sunday morning service. That Christmas you all invited like crazy and we had 417 people show up! Our first Easter we had over 300 in attendance and 60 were Baptized! In the summer of 2014 we launched our Downtown campus at Cafe 210 and things began to take off! 

By the summer of 2014 we still did not have a church home or church offices, but we did not let that stop us! We took what we had and started a Student Summer Internship Program, a Pastors Training School, and a mentoring ministry called the Timothy Project to train up young leaders for life and ministry. 

If you remember, last year we went all out for our Celebrate with Family Christmas Services. You all brought 1,100 people with you and more than 70 of your friends and family gave their heart to Jesus Christ! 

A few months ago we found out about some free tools offered on the internet and launched an Online Campus. Today we hold 3 Online Experience every week and people from all over the United States are attending! 

To date God has used your faithfulness and diligence of setting up, tearing down, giving financially and sharing Jesus with your friends to the extent that in the past two years, more than 250 people have accepted Jesus as their personal Savior, and we’ve baptized over 150!

(If you are reading this … I just gave you a great reason to SHOUT! ) 

We have been faithful and have done everything we can do with what God has given us. So God is now, giving us more! Last month we were able to partner with the Visalia Rescue Mission and now have 2,000 square feet of office space for our church. I’m happy to announce that God has now interested us with our own church home! It is located in the heart of Downtown Visalia. We are securing 6,000 square feet of ministry space that we’ll transform into a place where we can bring people to Jesus and help them live like Him even more effectively!

I want you to hear this! Getting a building is not the end of or mission! Our mission is not to build or acquire buildings. Our mission is to reach people with life changing power of Jesus Christ! 

Getting a building is just the start! We are just getting started reaching children, inspiring teens, and training leaders that we will send out to plant other churches all across California and the world! 

It has been a fun two years, but now more than ever we need to be faithful with the tools that God has trusted us with. So I am asking you to do what I have always asked you to do. 

Don't go to TheCHURCH … Be TheCHURCH!   

Here are three ways you can be TheCHURCH.

Give your Time:

Be a part of our weekend gatherings and never show up alone! 

Give your Talent:

God has gifted you with talents and abilities that can be used to bring people to Him.

So volunteer in one of our ministries here at TheCHURCH. 

Give your Treasure:

We don’t give to get, we give to give. We give to give other people in our community the chance to experience what we already have; and that is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

If you would like to find out how to volunteer email us at info@welcometothechurch.com

If you would like to give toward the new facility or ministries of TheCHURCH you can do so at http://www.launchthechurch.com/aboutgiving/

I love you all, the best is yet to come!

Kevin Moore