Six reasons why you cant miss this Sunday.

This Sunday morning we are having two incredible gatherings. 10am Sunday morning we are doing our entire service at Blain Park in Visalia and later at 6pm Sunday night we are gathering at Cafe 210. Here are six reasons why you will want to be a part of BOTH...

1. We are having Church at the Park. 
Hanging out with friends and worshiping Jesus, all outside at the park! I mean come on, how cool is that! 

2. Your kids will love it.
At both the gatherings we have a huge team of Kids Workers that have planned amazing services, activities and games. Your kids and all their friends will have a blast! 

3. Free Food. 
After the worship service in the morning we will have an old fashion church picnic with BBQ and all the trimmings. After the evening service you are invited to stick around and enjoy some incredible deserts! 

4. You might actually get to know someone. 
Too often we come to church looking for friendship and leave disappointed. Not on this Sunday! By the end of the day, after the service at the park, kids activities, BBQ, and evening guess is you wont just find someone to talk too, you will have found a church to call home! 

5. You will be able to understand and apply the messages. 
The morning service is going to be short, powerful and not only help you know Jesus better but give you some practical steps on how to actually walk with Him. 

At the evening service at Cafe 210 we will be interviewing Pastor Kevin’s former Pastor - Bill Parks. Bill has been battling with Cancer for some time now and he will be sharing some amazing tips on how we can follow Christ and successfully live through the tough times of our life. 

6. There is nothing else happening on Sunday that is going to be better than this.
Be honest, can you really beat a going to the park, hanging with friends, eating great food, and your kids having an incredible time? I don’t think so! 

This is going to be one unbelievable day & I would be so honored to have you, your family and all your friends join us for one or both of our gatherings this Sunday10am at Blain Park in Visalia & our 6pm gathering at Cafe 210. Hope to see you there! 

Pastor Kevin Moore,
TheCHURCH at Visalia