Hey my name is Jordan Moore and I am the Worship Director at TheCHURCH. I am so excited about this weekend at The CHURCH because we are starting a brand new series called “True Christianity”. Being in full time ministry is an amazing blessing but If I’m not careful sometimes it’s easy for me to get the cart in front of the horse and become a full time minister and a part time follower of Jesus. I can get so focused on “how it sounds” or “what it looks like” that I forget why I’m in ministry in the first place. But I’m not the only one who struggles with this, in fact a lot of Christians have suffered from this epidemic over the years. What makes us Christians? Why are we called christians? What does Jesus say being a christian should look like? I’m excited for this series because we are going to answer all of those questions.    

The Bible says in Matthew 6:33“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all of these things will be added unto you”. In this passage Jesus is saying not to worry about the things of this world, but keep our focus on Him. We need to seek first the “Kingdom of God” not “the Kingdom of Me” as Christians it is so easy to put what we want or “our kingdom” in front of what God wants or His kingdom. 

Also we need to seek first “His Righteousness” not “Our Righteousness”. Sometimes we get so focused on being good people we forget that the only good we have is in Christ! We spend all of our attention and energy trying to do what Christians should do, but we forget that Jesus Himself wants to work in and through us!

As we go on this journey of discovering what Jesus says about True Christianity here are a few tips to help keep you on track and focusing on the right things:

1 - Pray every day!

     I would challenge you during this series to spend time in prayer every day. Thank God for the blessings in your life and bring the needs you have to Him. He is a loving father who wants to hear from you and know that you trust Him to supply your needs.

2 - Read the Bible!

     There is no better model of how to live life than looking into the pages of scripture. The Bible is also filled with promises and hope for any situation you may find your self in.

3 - Be at TheChurch this weekend!

     This weekend we kick off “True Christianity and we want to see you there! Join us in discovering what Jesus says about what it looks like to be a True Christian.