We all want to do something bigger and better than how we are currently doing them. In order for this to happen we have to not just build a team … we have to build a great team. In this blog I will give you seven things you need to do in order to build a great team.

1. Stop being the hero.

People sign on to be a part of a team because THEY want to be needed, they want to be significant, they want to be the hero. If you are the hero – that means they cannot be and if they cannot be the hero, they won’t be on your team for long. Stop being the hero of your ministry or organization. Let someone else lead the worship team, allow someone else to plan all the outings, train up another leader to run your media ministry, website or outreach organizations. Take off the cape and let someone else be the superman of their department or area.

2. Define your needs.

People cannot do a job with excellence if they are not clear on what the job actually is. Clearly define what your needs and expectations are of the department they are serving in.

3. Recruit Reflexively.

By reflexive I mean, that it happens automatically, without you having to do a bunch of extra work to get it done. Here are some questions you need to answer when it comes to recruiting. How do people hear about our ministry or organization? What time of the year is best to do a recruiting push? How do they sign up to be a part? Will we do big corporate pushes, small grass roots pushes or both? What do this pushes look like? What is the step by step process the potential volunteer or worker needs to take in order to join the team? Who do I currently have on my team to run this recruiting process for me?

4. Equip Properly.

What general information does each of your team members need to know about your ministry or organization? (Vision - Mission - Values) What detailed information does each of your team members need to know about the department they are serving in? Get both of these pieces of information into your workers hands early on in their journey as one of your team members.

Remember people joined your ministry / organization because they want to be the hero, they want to do their job well. There is no way people do their job with excellence, if they do not have access to the tools they need to be successful. It is your job as a leader to make sure that each of your team members are equipped with all the information, inspiration, tools and toys that are needed to do their job effectively. If you do not equip them properly they will quickly become frustrated and quit the team.

5. Train Thoroughly.

Training comes by modeling what needs to be done and allowing them to slowly grow into the position of leading themselves. A great way to train your team is by the Jesus Principle. 

Step One - I do 

Step Two - We do 

Step Three - You do and I watch 

Step Four - You do