Several months ago I was on a speaking engagement in another state. I arrived at the parking lot and walked into the building. I was truly amazed at what I saw. As I walked thru the large double doors I saw well designed hallways, beautifully themed artwork, great check in kiosk and an auditorium that was absolutely stunning.  

As my eyes took in the spectacle of it all, I thought to my self "Wow, this is a great church!"

Then it hit me..."How do I know? How do I really know if this is a great church?" Up until that point I had not met any of the staff, or talked with any of the people that attended.
I had not heard the vision, seen how they interacted with their community, or knew the steps they were taking to help people passionately pursue Jesus. All I had seen was the building, and upon seeing it, I thought to myself..."What a great church". But the truth is, I was not seeing the Church that day. I was experiencing a building. I was walking thru an extremely thought thru facility that was designed by a very talented architect...but I was not walking through the church.  

The Church is not a building.  

The Church is not a check in kiosk.

The Church is not well thought out art design and room decor.

The Church is alive. The Church is people.  

People that have completely surrendered to the Grace of Jesus Christ.  

People that worship Jesus. 

People that live like Jesus in their community.  

The Church is a group of people that are willing to do their part to bring the lost to Jesus and help others live like Him.

This is the church. This is our mission. 

Would you like to be a part?