What Should You Do When Going Through A Trial?


What Should You Do When Going Through A Trial?

1. Embrace It

This trial is going to make you stronger. So don't ignore it, justify it or try and wish it away. Embrace the reality of your situation. 

2. Realize and Believe That God is Bigger Than Your Trial

There is no other name above the name of Jesus. You have to realize and believe this ... HE is bigger, faster and stronger than anything you will ever face.

3. Speak Positively and Not Negatively to Yourself and Others Over Your Situation.

You set the tone for your day by what you say. So make sure you are saying positive things and not negative things about your situation.

4. Stand on God's Word

Find two Scriptures that promise victory in your situation and speak them every time a negative thought comes into your mind.

5. Do the Right Thing Every Day Regardless of How It Feels.

There is not a whole lot to say about this. Just do the right thing and your right actions will lead you to right results.

6. Go Through the Trial

Successful people go through tough times all of the time. That is what makes them successful ... they GO THROUGH their problem. You will not stay here forever! So GO THROUGH whatever situation you are in.