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C U R R E N T   T E A C H I N G   S E R I E S





Easter with Friends was an amazing weekend her at TheCHURCH - three amazing services at two locations with many salvations! This message on the gospel of Jesus & learning that 'Almost Doesn't Cut I' when it comes to truly being saved is a message for all to hear. 


Whether you've realized it or not yet...there are four main thieves trying to steal from you & your family as we speak. In this series Pastor Kevin Moore will shine a light on these thieves & also show you how to get rid of them for good through strong biblical principles. 


Have you ever been stressed? Worried? Anxious? Confused? Maybe all of the above? Are you worried about your next paycheck, your diet or your grades? Are the bills, deadlines and repairs piling up where it seems like the world is closing in around you and you can’t get ahead? How do you overcome worry when you’re stuck feeling overwhelmed? This series might be exactly what you need...you can win this battle!


So often in church services we can see so many faces on the stage or leading groups but do not know how they came to know Jesus in their life. In this series...we are doing just that! Open and transparent messages about the past and present of leaders in TheCHURCH that just might change your story as well. 


THINGS CAN CHANGE - If you want to know how to break free and have the best year you've ever had - then Rise & Shine is a series that will challenge you in a much deeper way to take those next steps into the new year God has planned for you. 


Responding to people's questions and challenges can get pretty complicated. But what if you were confident? What if you had the answers to the most important questions about your faith? It's time to get PREPARED.

Love One Another

A stand alone message from Pastor Kevin Moore on how we view others and what the Bible has to say about it. 

Family Matters

There is nothing in this world that matters more to you than your family. In this series you will get answers to some of the toughest challenges your family is facing. 


Everyday we have three choices; quit, settle, or move forward. No matter what level of success or failure you may be experiencing, God is not done with you yet. In this series you not only discover that God is calling you and TheCHURCH to move forward, but also the details of how we will get there and the role that you can play! 


Many times we can be chained to fear, past, debt, doubts and more. In this short teaching series Pastor Kevin will take you on a journey thru God's word to help you break free from what has been holding you back.

I Want A New Marriage

If you are married or want to be someday, this series is for you. 

Get the marriage you've always wanted by discovering God's love, God's roles, and God's plans for you and your spouse.


The Blessed Life

This series is a must listen for anyone who is wanting to truly understand what it means and what it takes to be blessed. 


There comes a time in the life of every believer where we have to decide if we are going to go to Church or if we are going to be the Church.  In this series you will learn the difference between the two, and be inspire to become what Christ died for you to be!